Alkane Resources wins the "Mining of the Year" award and continues the development of Dubbo

Alkane Resources wins the "Mining of the Year" award and continues the development of Dubbo

By DALE BENTON. March 21, 2018, 12:39 p.m.

A mining and multi-product exploration company in Australia, with a portfolio covering the main technology metals and rare earths, has been awarded the mining operation of the year, as it fought in production and continued to play a key role in the Employment provision.

Alkane Resources received the "Mining Operation of the Year" at the NSW Minerals Council Supplier Awards for the work it has done at the Tomingley gold mine in west central New South Wales.

The prize comes after a difficult start for 2017, due to the sharp drop in production, which produced 69,000 ounces of gold, revenues of A $ 117.3 million and pre-tax profits and non-recurring items of A $ 17, 1 million.

"The mine employs premises, many of which we have trained to be part of the operation, and we have also given importance to the local environment and community events as part of our operations," said Alkane Managing Director, Nic Earner.

The award recognized the company's achievements in:

Improvement of the fleet and use of a mobile crushing plant to improve performance and productivity.

Continuous drilling to optimize the focus on high grade ore.

Improvements in local infrastructure, including improvement of the community hall, sealing of village streets, new works in the Tomingley Racecourse & Recreation Reserve and water supply to the village from a water supply line water well.

Upskilling of the local workforce and close working relationships with contractors.

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The development and operation of the Tomingley gold project is crucial for Alkane, as the company seeks to provide an income stream for Alkane to fund corporate and exploration expenses.

Tomingley's cash flow has contributed to the development of the Dubo zirconium project Dubbo, rare earths, hafnium and niobium of Alkane.

It is the most advanced polymetallic project of its kind outside China, which makes it a potential strategic and independent supply of critical minerals for a range of sustainable technologies and future industries. It has a potential lifespan of more than 70 years.