MAH series pump

MWN series dredging pumps are single-stage single suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pumps with advantages of light weight, good wear-resistan, super dredging performance, perfectly suited for the dredge on the whole construction, high multiple economy benefits, etc.. It throughout meets requirements of the dredge to dredging pumps.
MWN dredging pump
MWN dredging pump

The MWN dredge pump system consists mainly of pump head, special gearbox for Foam pump and dredging pump, flexible coupling and ship transmission monitoring system. The flow components, the impeller, the front protection plate and the rear protection plate of the WN dredge pump are made of an abrasion-resistant abrasion-resistant steel alloy that is resistant to abrasion. The general structure of the ocean is good.

Foam pump and dredging pump MWN Structural characteristics

  • The simple structure of the 200WN-500WN water pump adopts a single pump, horizontal structure of single stage cantilevered suction, according to the transmission connection can provide two typical structures, namely the support and the box of the pump as lubricating grease.
  • 600WN-1200WN, TK1000, TK1200 double stage pump, single stage pump, cantilever single stage horizontal structure, with support, forced lubrication of fine oil and lubrication. The pump uses a single pump housing structure to reduce the weight of the pump and is easy to move up and down.
  • Before dismantling, it is equipped with a special tool, which facilitates its disassembly and installation, and is easy to maintain.

Size of the model

  • Flow rate: 1100-1300 m3 / h
  • Head: 40-65 meters
  • Speed: 500-650 (r / min)


Mainly used for suction dredges and suction dredges with cutter. It is also used for the extraction of fluvial sand and mining vessels

The performance of the cavitation is good to ensure that the suction pump has a large capacity and a greater depth of excavation, and that a higher inhalable concentration can be achieved.

Impeller flow channel width, overflow capacity.

The sharp drop in the yield curve makes the mud pump more adaptable to changes in line spacing.

By changing the speed of the pump or changing the diameter of the impeller, the various properties of the pump can be changed.

The impellers, Volute Liners, linings and other overcurrent components have a strong cast iron of wear-resistant alloy, with a hardness of not less than 50 HRC, while having a strong resistance to impact and greater resistance to corrosion.