MG Series Sand and Gravel Pump

Horizontal one-stage cantilever pump
MG Series Sand and Gravel Pump
MG Series Sand and Gravel Pump

The MG series sand pump is a suction pump that can only inhale mud from a suction side. The one-stage horizontal cantilever pump is equipped with an impeller widely used in the dredging, mining and mineral processing industries.

Characteristics of the structure of the MG Series Sand and Gravel Pump

  • The optimized design of the mud pump system simplifies maintenance operations, guarantees a long service life and is suitable for heavy pumping tasks of large solids sludge.
  • The one-piece housings and the wear-resistant hydraulic components are easy to replace and repair.
  • The large flow channel allows a large amount of mud to pass through. Sand pumps are specifically designed to handle high wear applications that ordinary pumps can not even try.
  • The pump head is secured to the mounting base by several bolts. The user can adjust the gap between the impeller and the suction liner from below the base of the bearing.
  • Shaft seal options: stuffing box seal, centrifugal seal and mechanical seal. Users can easily replace seal to suit a particular pumping application.

Size of the model

    Size: 4 "-14" (100 - 350 mm)

    Flow: 36-3000m

    Head: 5-70 meters


Dredging, mining, coal washing, metallurgy, pulp and paper industry, pulp in the hydrocyclone of the mining industry.

Packing seal

As one of the most common seals for rotating shafts, gland seals can be used in low or full discharge arrangements, using discharge water to prevent material from seeping into the pump housing. This seal is suitable for almost all pumping applications. Polytetrafluoroethylene or aramid fibers are used as fillers in landfills where corrosive solids or high temperatures can be found. To further increase the wear resistance of the shaft, a ceramic sleeve can be used.

Centrifugal seal propeller

The combination of impeller and compressor creates the necessary pressure to seal against leaks. Along with a stuffing box seal or lip that acts as a seal closure, this type of seal can handle the sealing requirements because the lack of water in the field can make it impossible to completely seal the board or allow water to enter the seal. Pump chamber Dilute the Pulp.

Mechanical seal

Advances in sealing technology have allowed us to create a mechanical seal that ensures zero leakage. The cartridge type mechanical seal is easy to install and replace. Other types of mechanical seals are optional to accommodate sand and gravel pumps in a variety of pumping applications. We also use ceramics and special alloys of high strength and high hardness in friction parts. The unique design and the perfect fit between the mechanical seal and the seal chamber provide excellent resistance to wear and impact, ensuring its effectiveness in the harshest conditions.

DC motor model: The output shaft of the motor is connected directly to the input shaft of the pump through the pump coupling. This type of connection is suitable for applications where the speed of the gravel pump is the same as the speed of the motor.

Type of CV :

The pump is driven by a belt attached to the crankshaft of the engine. This connection saves space, facilitates installation and allows a quick adjustment of the pumping speed. The motor is fixed on the motor support on the bearing seat on the pump.

Type ZV:

Another belt drive makes it easy to adjust the pump speed. The motor is directly fixed on the bearing seat. This mounting method is suitable for engines that have a higher power than the CV type. This method helps to save installation space due to the mounting of the motor in the bearing housing.

Type of CR:

This type of belt drive makes it easier to adjust the pump speed. The installation allows the motor and the mud pump to be fixed to the ground. The motor is mounted on the side of the gravel pump. This installation method is suitable for high power motors.